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The True Story: Who invented high heels for women?

In this article, we’ll explore the history of high heels and how they came to be such a fashion staple for women. You might be surprised to learn that high heels were actually first worn by men!


So, who really invented high heels for women? It’s hard to say for sure. What we do know is that high heels have been around for centuries, and they’ve been worn by both men and women. They’ve also gone through many style changes over the years. So, while we may not know exactly who invented them, we can certainly appreciate all the different ways they’ve been worn throughout history.

The True Story: Who invented high heels for women?
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The History of High Heels

It is a commonly held belief that high heels were invented by a woman in the late 16th century. The truth, however, is that the history of high heels is much more complicated than that. In fact, the first high heels were actually worn by men!

The origin of high heels can be traced back to ancient Persia, where they were worn by horsemen in order to keep their feet in the stirrups. This practice then spread to Europe, where it became popular among the nobility. High heels were seen as a status symbol and were often used to indicate wealth and power.

It wasn’t until the late 17th century that high heels began to be associated with women. At this time, they were still seen as a sign of wealth and power, but they also started to be used as a way to accentuate a woman’s femininity. Heels began to become shorter and thinner during this period, and they were often decorated with lace or other feminine details.

The 19th century saw a major change in the style of high heels. They became much more practical and were often made of leather or other durable materials. This was due in part to the popularity of activities like horseback riding and

Who Invented High Heels?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as there are many different stories and theories out there about who first came up with the idea of high heels for women. Some say that they were first worn by ancient Egyptian butlers, while others claim that they were invented by 16th-century European courtiers in an attempt to make themselves look taller. However, the most likely story is that high heels were actually first developed in Persia, around the 10th century. These early shoes were called kabkabs, and they quickly became popular among the upper class. From there, they spread to other parts of the world, including Europe and China. So, while we may not know for sure who invented high heels, we do know that they have a long and fascinating history.

The Different Styles of High Heels

High heels are one of the most popular types of footwear for women. They come in many different styles, including stilettos, pumps, and sandals. High heels can make a woman look more stylish and elegant. They can also make her feel more confident and fashionable.

However, high heels are not always comfortable to wear. They can cause foot pain and blisters. Wearing high heels for too long can also lead to back problems.

Despite these drawbacks, many women continue to wear high heels because they love the way they look. If you’re considering buying a pair of high heels, it’s important to choose the right style for you. Here are some of the different styles of high heels:

Stilettos: Stilettos are the most popular type of high heel. They have a long, thin heel that is typically 4 inches or higher. Stilettos can be difficult to walk in, but they look very fashionableand elegant.

Pumps: Pumps are a type of high heel that is more comfortable to wear than stilettos. They have a shorter heel and a more supportive design. Pumps are a good choice if you’ll be wearing your

High Heels Today

High heels are one of the most popular fashion items for women around the world. But did you know that they were not originally designed for women? In fact, high heels were first worn by men in the Middle Ages!

It wasn’t until the 1600s that high heels became fashionable for women. At first, only upper-class women could afford to wear them. But as the years went on, more and more women began to wear high heels.

Today, high heels come in all different styles and colors. You can find them with pointy toes, stiletto heels, and even platforms. No matter what your style is, there’s a pair of high heels out there for you!


The true story of who invented high heels for women is still a bit of a mystery. However, we do know that they were first worn by aristocrats in the 16th century as a way to show off their wealth and status. Since then, high heels have evolved into an essential fashion item for many women. Today, we can thank Catherine de Medici for bringing high heels into the fashion world and giving us a timeless style that has stood the test of time.